shifting into action

Our journey begins with two friends combining forces to change our collective climate story.

Artist Eric Dayton saw a huge opportunity in the art world while considering his own art-making practice. He believes other artists would make better decisions about materials and processes if given the choice. Eve Connell's craft includes arts community building, working towards social and environmental justice, and tinkering with words. Securing a healthy planet is just one of their shared passions. Together they set out to give artists and arts organizations an easy way to participate in securing our carbon neutral future. Shifting practices, choosing better materials, and planting trees gets us closer to that brighter tomorrow. We all can easily participate in, influence, and share this work.

ArtZero encourages artists and arts organizations to go carbon neutral by guiding them through the process with access to programs and resources that directly reduce our overall carbon footprint.

engage + Support

It's going to take a team to fund completion of the artwork certification platform, artist resources, and program offerings.


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