Our programs help the art world align with the UN's global carbon targets for 2050.

Carbon Footprint measurement + offset management

The heart of our mission is to empower artists and arts organizations with easy access to carbon calculators and a quick, certifiable offset process.

SUSTAINABILITY auditing + reporting

Organizations prioritizing their sustainable practices work with ArtZero to assess their overall environmental impact and access educational programming ideas to share with their communities. Our partners enjoy brand elevation and streamlined reporting to stakeholders and general audiences.

Environmental impact assessment

Product manufacturers need to be part of the climate solution, too. One step in this direction is to perform an EIA to determine a product's true cost to the environment. These assessments help to create a more climate positive product and offer better choices to artists and arts organizations.

educational Engagement + Workshops

Whether you're a solo artist or large arts organization, ArtZero provides digital and on-site educational modules tailored to your audience's needs. From carbon footprint basics to institutional transformation, we'd love to partner with you so you can inspire your community where art and climate science meet.

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